Why Treating Symptoms Alone Won’t Heal Discomfort, Pain or Illness

The human body is simply the vessel for emotional and spiritual beings that we are. And you cannot possibly heal your physical body alone from symptoms of pain, illness or disease, without also healing your mind and spirit. Balance; it’s always about balance. Our well-being or dis-ease is a direct result of the flow of energy of each of these parts equally. This is why treating your symptoms of discomfort or pain doesn’t work. You need to heal the part of you that created the symptom of discomfort in the first place.Our physical bodies were designed to be self-correcting with numerous healing systems of checks and balances. The autonomic nervous system is just one of the systems in our body that shows us this. This is the system in our bodies that is responsible for control of the bodily functions not consciously directed, such as breathing, the heartbeat, and digestive processes. This system includes the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system.The parasympathetic nervous system, also known as the rest and digest system, is what conserves energy as it slows the heart rate and increases intestinal and gland activity when necessary. The sympathetic nervous system’s primary function is to stimulate the body’s fight-or-flight response. Fight-or-flight is a physiological response to a perceived harmful even, attack or a threat to survival. This entire autonomic system’s design helps prepare the body to cope with stress and threats, as well as returning the body to a resting state afterwards.

Bear in mind that times of the past generations were much simpler. Most families back then consisted of two parents, one of which was usually taking care of the children. Times of today are very different and the challenges of two working parents or in many cases, single parent families are many. Oftentimes, most of us run around scattered most of the time trying to get all of the necessary things accomplished in a day with no time for rest.Due to this consistent stresses of life during these times, we are generally living most of our days within the sympathetic nervous system. Understand that our bodies were not meant to be in a constant state of fight-or-flight response system. When our bodies don’t regularly return to a period of rest afterwards, it wreaks havoc on our organs and systems with all of the hormones being released on a constant basis. Hence, creating aches and pains, illness or even disease. This is our bodies way of telling us to stop, listen and slow down, of which, most of us rarely do.This is only one of the physical systems of checks and balances our bodies were designed with. Now let’s think about our emotions. When you live in a constant state of fight-or-flight, your emotions tend to get scattered and less than positive. The negative emotions of ongoing stress, depression, anxiety, constant excitement and even possible emotional pains of our past are all traumatic emotional energy.The negative emotional energy also gets channeled into the physical body, showing too, as the aches and pains in our daily lives. This is our bodies way of trying to dispel this energy and in most cases, if you stop and listen to your body, these symptoms ease and your body recovers naturally. It’s when you continue to ignore your body, that it creates longer lasting effects such as illness and disease.So stop treating your symptoms of pain and listen to your body. Take the time to rest. We all need a reset button for ourselves every day to stay healthy. I’m not saying that you can’t be Superman/woman and get it all done in a day, because you probably can and most likely do. Most of us have grown accustomed to this daily way of life, but at what cost? Is it worth your health? This is such a difficult lesson for most but think of your loved ones around you. Don’t you want to be there for them in a healthy and balanced state for years to come? Because I’m pretty positive that they want that for both of you.When your feeling imbalanced, not well, or have aches and pains, remember your body is trying to tell you something. And oftentimes, physical issues manifested from a less than positive emotional place. So treat your entire being with balance and rest to help you to determine the root cause, which you can then deal with and heal fully. Throwing medication at a symptom will simply mask it, while the core issue is still very much alive. Core issues grow and fester, and at a certain point, they make you stop and listen.

I’m living proof of that, having had thyroid cancer at the age of 37. My symptoms started when I was 27 but I didn’t stop to listen to my body. I send you these healing tips from a place of love in the hopes that you may not have to go through a life altering disease like I did. Again, it’s so important to understand that you cannot heal the whole of you, without healing each of the parts.Take time to do things that are relaxing to you every day. Even if 15 minutes a day is all the time you can spare, aren’t you worth it? The correct answer here is yes. Do something just for you, that you love, that makes you happy and whole. Balance and center with some quiet and calm time for you. You’ll be amazed what a little you time can do for you. You will slowly but surly start to notice those aches and pains slowly fading away, or maybe you start sleeping better at night. Ah, the magic!If you would like help in easing the aches and pains of life that is possibly of a deeper emotional energy that needs released, please reach out for a 15 minute consultation. See if Reiki Healing Energy is right for you. Or if someone you know could benefit from this article, please share it so that everyone has the opportunity to heal their life.Love and light,

Trends That Set You Apart: SEO Techniques That Every Web Designer Should Know

If it was a decade back, then the term ‘SEO’ and web designing wouldn’t have gone parallel. But today the thing is something different. The web-smart world wants more from us and being exclusive is the first requirement of the customers. Webbing the business in a smart way along with decorating and designing the website for a fresh promotion is the new in nowadays.

Web designing incorporates a lot of strategical tasks and implementing them one by one enhances the front-end beauty of the website. It combines a lot of work with the frameworks, the programming languages, CMS or Content Management System, pre-decorated templates, web designing tools and hosting platform. On the other hand, it takes a lot of planning, sketch, graphical designing and strategy building for designing websites. A web design company deploys professional and experienced web designers who will perform all these tasks single-handedly.

The major job of a web designer is to produce the perfect UI & UX designs that will allure the viewers with its unique design. But, today, most of the web designers need to know about a little bit of SEO that will help them to understand its significance in terms of generating traffic to the website and allows them to comprehend its importance in the designing field.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization involves the process of optimizing the website by analyzing the site itself. This is connected to the designing and coding of the website for which the designers should be in the practice of these methods. So, that is why the designers should keep in mind certain things before designing the website.

Mobile Responsive Design
The demand for the mobile first designs has taken the interest of the consumers due to the major shift of searching methods from desktop to mobile. As the huge number of customers is using the smartphones nowadays and search almost everything from their smartphones instead of switching on their desktops and PCs, designing responsive websites has become a necessity for the entrepreneurs for increasing the visibility of their websites. The emergence of Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm has also facilitated the mobile responsive search results, pushing backward the nonresponsive websites in terms of amenity.

This has invoked the designers to use the mobile responsive templates and tools. The designers should use coding & programming that is utterly suited for mobile. The contents should be fit in the screen resolution of the mobile and the layout should be mobile first for the smooth access from the smartphones or cross platform devices.

URL Orientation
Search engines can’t find ambiguous and vague URL identity. The clear format of the URL makes your website SEO-friendly. With a perfect URL, the chances of getting the visibility to the viewers are more. Moreover, incorporating keyword phrases with the URL allows your users to identify and find the URLs easily and quickly. A designer should know about this so that they can easily collaborate with the SEO team of their respected companies.

Enhancement of the Website Speed
Improving the site speed is the major part of the SEO. Google’s algorithm supports the websites that have a good loading speed and disapproves the sites whose loading speed are worst! This is because the users don’t like websites with low loading speed and chances of the increase in the bouncing rate also raises up. Thus, improving the speed of your site is a much-needed thing, which can’t be optimized without the help of the designers. The speed augmentation process lies within the back-end service provided by the designers which include optimizing the database, minimizing HTTP requests, compressing images, reducing server requests, minifying resources, enabling the browser caches and accessing a CDN or Content Delivery Network.

Without the perfect knowledge of SEO and without the comprehension of the importance of site loading speed on SEO, the designers won’t understand its significance. So, for a perfect collaboration, the knowledge of site loading speed is required for the designers.

Pertinent Title Tags
Exclusive & relevant title tags are important for phrasing up an online document and those title tags are only used in the rich snippets aftermath. These title tags are displayed in the SERPs, on the browser, and on the external websites and should be smaller in size so that Google can easily catch them up.

Validated HTML5 And CSS3 Usage
HTML5 & CSS3 enables your website to fit in any resolution. HTML5 is advanced with much more features than the HTML and CSS3 enhance the downloading speed of the page. Authenticated HTML5 & CSS3 helps in implementing good coding that will optimize on-page SEO easily.

In most of the web design companies, the perfect collaboration of SEO and web designing teams is the major requirement because their harmony optimizes the entire website which results in bringing clarity on the front-end website with an aim of increasing more traffic and enhancement of conversion rate.